My thoughtful sounds... A. Pushkin "My thoughtful sounds..." monospectacle (verses). Artist - Popkov. Cello - Zhdanov.
A. Pushkin "Fire of painful desires…" monospectacle (verses, romances). Artist - Popkov. Guitar, vocal - Alexandrova.
"Eugene Onegin", V-VI chapters. Monospectacle. Artist - Popkov.
"Tale about fisherman and fish". Spectacle for the children. Artist - Popkov.
(Everything aforesigned is a part of a project called
"Pushkin. Pskov. The end of 20th century.")

"Cat-the-catty, Cock-the-golden-head and Fox-the-tricky". Spectacle tale for the children. Artist - Popkov. Strings - Ivanova.

Our plans for years of
For the 2000 annivesary of Russian christianity "Prince Igor's troop about". Monospectacle.
"Black Man". Verses of Sergey Esenin. Monospectacle.
"Merry clown". Spectacle tale for the children.
"Accompaniator". M. Mitua. Monospectacle.
"Oh, yeah... I've been killed". Nikolay Gumilev, verses, scenes.